An industry solution to enable all stakeholders of steel transportation to have access to the latest Load Restraint Guidelines and visibility of the restraints applied

Site Location Details

Find important information on site locations

A single place to find all the information on site locations. Details include; Site name & location, main phone number, address, map, opening hours, special instructions, closest weight station, petrol station & rest stop and a list of facilities available. Each site will also have photo galleries to show a sitemap, PPE requirements, exclusion zones, height restrictions and general location images. You will be able to favourite site locations to receive notifications straight to your device, never be out of the loop again!

Load Restraint Guidelines

Access the Load Restraint Guideline catalogue

Right at your fingertips you'll have access to the entire Load Restraint Guidelines catalogue. Updates to guidelines will be pushed directly to your device to ensure you always have access to the latest versions. See what matters first and foremost as the chain calculation table is brought front and centre. The full PDF of the guideline can be viewed and each guideline also has the ability to view a video instruction of the chain application for the specific product

Photo Capture

Check your applied load restraints and capture them

Protect yourself, your industry and all stakeholders in the transportation of steel. By capturing a record of the restraints applied the app is facilitating a self-check audit of the load before departure. The photos are associated with the guideline used and the place of pick-up creating a personal record for users and their companies. These details are then available for the next 30 days.

Driver Profile

View a history of your load restraints

Each user will have a personal log-in to the mobile application. Here details can be managed to assist in operation of the application by modifying user contact details and capturing regularly used vehicle registrations. Users can also view their available photo capture logs.

Web Portal

for Admins

The Web Admin Portal is the backbone of the platform and is where the value in the mobile app is created and facilitated.

Transport companies and their contractors will have access to the portal to manage their drivers, view mobile app usage and review the photo captures. Manufacturing companies will be able to view mobile app usage and view associated photo captures. Site Location admins will be able to manage the details relating to their location and will be able to send notifications to all devices, providing a single place for site location communication.

The web portal will be accessible through desktop browsers. Supported browsers are Chrome 35+, Safari 5.1+ and Firefox 30+.

Mobile App

for Drivers

The mobile app will be released initially on iOS, supporting iOS 7 and up. Devices supported include:

  • - Apple iPhone 4S
  • - Apple iPhone 5
  • - Apple iPhone 5S
  • - Apple iPhone 6 & 6 Plus

The features available in the first release of the mobile app are detailed above. Further features have been highlighted for Phases 2 & 3 below. Please note they are only ideas and suggestions made during Phase 1. They are open to change and evaluation from the industry and stakeholders after the release of Phase 1.

STSN Conference

August 7, 2014

BlueScope present the idea for a Load Restraint Mobile Application to the industry at the 2014 STSN Conference. Positive feedback from industry stakeholders and data collected from live polling of the audience help build the project pitch.

Vendor Analysis

November 18, 2014

Multiple vendors are assessed along with their proposals of the LRMA concept. Buzinga App Development are awarded the tender and scoping begins.

Funding Secured

December 5, 2014

Funding is secured as a cross-business initiative. BlueScope, Toll and K&S together will sponsor the first phase of development, with Toll and K&S receiving exclusive access for 6 months to the beta launch on release.

Scope Complete

March 5, 2015

The scoping process is completed following the methodology of Minimum Viable Product (MVP). The first phase will deliver the core feature set vital to the successful deployment and operation of the platform.

Development Underway

April 6, 2015

Development is underway with expected Beta release on the 4th December 2015!

SteelDrive Rolls Out

June 18, 2015

The Load Restraint Mobile Application becomes branded as ‘SteelDrive’

ALC Summit 2015

August 26, 2015

SteelDrive is introduced to the industry at the 2015 ALC Summit on the 26th August. More information available soon!

Test Build

September 14, 2015

Ahead of schedule the first test build of the SteelDrive app was delivered, a major milestone to hold it in our hands!

Admin Portal Test Build

October 5, 2015

The test back-end nuts & bolts of SteelDrive is delivered and everything begins to fall in place. The issues log is open for business!

Testing with Partners

November 9, 2015

With a stable build of the mobile app & admin portal, testing is opened up with sponsor partners K&S and TOLL. SteelDrive is accepted for distribution through TestFlight.

Submitted for Review!

December 1, 2015

SteelDrive v1.0 (Build 42) is submitted to the App Store and is waiting for review. The SteelDrive admin portal is migrated to production as well!

SteelDrive is Live!

December 9, 2015

SteelDrive is available to download from the App Store and marks the official go-live date of the platform!

Industry collaboration delivers innovation

June 30, 2016

The story of SteelDrive is featured in the June 2016 edition of Steel Australia. Click here to read

SteelDrive for Android is released!

July 1, 2016

The Android version of SteelDrive is delivered 3 weeks ahead of scheduled and launched on the Google Play Store!

Commendation for SteelDrive!

August 18, 2016

SteelDrive receives a high commendation in the ‘Safety Improvement Initiative’ from the Steel Transport Safety Network at the 2016 Logistics Safety & Environment Awards. A big congratulations to sponsor partners BlueScope, Toll and K&S Freighters!

High Commendation for SteelDrive (again)!

September 12, 2016

The potential of SteelDrive is recognised at the 2016 Australian Steel Convention, ASI Health & Safety Excellence Awards, receiving a High Commendation in the Improvement Initiative Category. Another reason to celebrate for sponsor partners BlueScope, Toll and K&S Freighters, as well as Buzinga App Development who power SteelDrive.

Phase 1

Site Location Details
Load Restraint Guidelines
Photo Capture
Site Location Notifications
Driver Profile
Web Admin Portal

Phase 2

Android Version
Driver Passport
High Risk Load Management
Load Restraint Audit
Mixed Loads
Load Restraint Gear
Photo Comments
Guideline Notifications
Site Location Videos
Location Facility Rating
Site Inductions
LRG Training

* the above are ideas & suggestions made during Phase 1

Phase 3

Customer Site Details
Driver Handshake
Technical Bulletins
Pre-start Check
Fatigue Management
iPad Version
Android Tablet Version

* the above are ideas & suggestions made during Phase 1

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