SteelDrive launches at the 2015 ALC Summit

IMG_0987Last week SteelDrive had the opportunity to present for the first time to the Australian Logistic Council members at the 2015 ALC Supply Chain Safety & Compliance Summit. The team consisting of Andrew Mansbridge (BlueScope, Logistics Planning Leader), Ben Scollary (BlueScope, Business Analyst & Project Manager), Graham McCorkill (Buzinga, Co-founder and Managing Director) and Jason Couts (Buzinga, Project Team Lead) were in attendance for the two-day Summit.

It was great to see so many ideas, best practices and identification of areas where improvements can be made to improve safety and compliance shared across the industry, this is where we aim for SteelDrive to play an active role for all.

We were thoroughly interested in the afternoon session on Day 1 regarding ‘The Role of Technology in CoR Compliance’, chaired by Charlie MacDonald (Manufacturing, Transport & Logistics Industry Executive, Telstra, and Chair, ALC Technology Committee). The topics of conversation the speakers highlighted in regards to their learnings and difficulties faced we found have also been shared in our journey so far, it is comforting to know we are all on the same path! Thank you to all the speakers for sharing their experiences and for making a great session.

On the 2nd day SteelDrive was in the spotlight! We were excited to announce the plans for our Beta launch coming December 2016 with funding sponsors BlueScope, K&S and Toll, and information regarding the public launch to ASI members in July 2016. Below are links to the material that was presented;

  • To view the Phase 1 mock-up please click here
  • To read the SteelDrive case study please click here
  • To revisit the presentation please click here

We had some great feedback and responses during the question & answer time (so much so that we went over time!) It was clear that the industry is engaged and motivated to pursue mobile technology to assist and compliment our drivers. We have taken this feedback on board and will respond very soon.

Also in response to an agreed action taken from the ALC Supply Chain Safety & Compliance Summit for “Steel Code signatories to provide feedback on proposed ‘step-change’ improvements to the administration of the Code as well as the driver app” we can be contacted via our contact form, or directly at

Please check out the images taken from the presentation, we hope you enjoyed it! Thank you as well to our developing partners, Buzinga App Development, for coming along to the Summit and for putting together the case study.

Stay safe!

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