SteelDrive delivering features for drivers!

It was fantastic to hear all the feedback from drivers at the ALC Supply Chain Safety & Compliance Summit last month. The success of SteelDrive is dependent on the value that it gives to the key user, our drivers. With this recent information gathered from the Driver Feedback session, we can be sure that features built into the core of SteelDrive will be of great value.

Loading Delays

Currently delays at the loading point are not communicated to efficiently to drivers. Understanding this issue, and the compounding affect it can have to a driver’s schedule, SteelDrive will facilitate location to driver notifications on launch.

Each site location will have its own web portal, this is designed to be a key part of the how the platform will work. Location personnel will be able use this portal to send notifications out to drivers about any delays or changes to normal operations. Drivers will be instantly notified of this information on their device through the SteelDrive mobile app.

Favourite Locations

To make sure a driver’s device isn’t overcome with notifications, a driver can favourite a site location and this will then let the notification be shown on the device, just like a text message. If a location has not been ‘favourited’, a driver can simply bring up the details of that site before heading there and see any notifications that have been sent.

We believe this will empower both the driver and the location to better facilitate communication and achieve better outcomes for scheduling.

Rest Areas

We have incorporated the ability for each site location to list the closest rest stop, petrol station and weigh station for drivers in the site location details. From this a driver can select the area which will open the device’s native map application to give directions to the point of interest.

This functionality will be great for interstate drivers who are unfamiliar with new areas they travel to.

Subcontractor Drivers

Another point raised was to help subcontractors (non-regular) drivers out with more guidance at the loading/unloading point as “these guys carry anything from steel to chickens!”.

The ability to facilitate subcontractor drivers has been focused on in the first release of SteelDrive, with subcontractors to be able to receive access from the public launch mid next year. The site location information and in particular the photo galleries will be of great benefit to subcontractor drivers, providing them with a detailed overview of the location and what requirements are needed when on site. Of course they will have access to the mobile version of the load restraint guidelines as well.

Feedback Ideas

We have taken other discussion points on board and have looked at where they can fit in potential Phase 2 enhancement ideas. We’ll be combining those ideas with the feedback we received from the SteelDrive session at the ALC Summit in our next blast.

Development Update

Finally a quick update on the development of SteelDrive, we are currently in Milestone 5 of the development plan. This stage sees us joining the easy-to-use front end of the mobile application to the admin web portal and server environment. We are on schedule to roll out the beta release in December and will be on the road this week visiting Toll and K&S in Victoria to have an in depth demo.

Stay safe,

The SteelDrive team