Happy Holidays from SteelDrive

We’re ready for the holidays now! We have just submitted version 1.1 to the App Store and it is currently ‘Waiting for Review’, this version should become publicly available by next week.

We’ve been thrilled to have had inquiries as to how to gain access to the app. Announced at the 2015 ALC Summit, the development of SteelDrive was a cross-funded initiative between BlueScope, K&S and Toll. As part of this a 6 month exclusivity window was arranged for their use and uptake post go-live. This gives us a great opportunity to have contact with specific drivers and users to form a picture of the app’s use and what areas can be improved.

The plan for 2016 is to come back to the industry mid-year with the findings from this ‘Phase 1 Beta Release’ and with plans for Phase 2 enhancements, at the same time announcing how the roll out to ALC members will occur. More information will be available at the 2016 ALC Forum.

Over December we’ve seen the beginning of the use of SteelDrive in the steel industry, with 21 people signed up as app users, 28 Load Restraint Guidelines available and 19 Site Locations available. We’ve also begun to kick off Phase 2 and have had discussions on the best approach to launch an Android version in 2016, look out for more information in January!

Wishing everyone a safe and happy holidays and an exciting new year! Thank you for the journey we have been on this year and look forward to the next chapter in 2016!

Stay safe,
The SteelDrive Team